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Looking for musical gifts and souvenirs?

Our GIFT SHOP offers unique gifts for your musical friends and loved ones!

EARPHONES  Choose from a variety of unique designs like Doughnuts, Macaroons, Coffee Lovers, Apples and many more! Music lovers will surely love the great sound!

Ear phones (1)

HEADPHONES – Check out our amazing headphones that sound super amazing! (Guaranteed, you may try the sample at our shop!) 


JEWELLERY HOLDER & CASE – Store your beloved earrings, bracelets, brooches in this beautiful jewellery holder adorned with a pink-eared cat.

Cat Jewellery Box

WATERPROOF & FOLDABLE CARRY-ON LUGGAGE TRAVEL BAG – great gift idea, especially for musicians on the go! Protect your music sheets and gadgets with these waterproof bags when travelling!

Waterproof Bags (1)

STAINLESS STEEL THERMOS – Singer friends will appreciate this thoughtful gift where they can keep their warm drink on the go!

Stainless Steel Thermos (1)

And many more!

Our collection is growing, come and visit us today!