BrightKidzSongs™ is a learning programme that integrates music with academic subjects such as Language, Science, Mathematics and lessons on Social Skills through songs and interactive activities that are fun!

The musical approach of BrightKidzSongs™ is useful for learning new concepts, developing language skills and reinforcing concepts that children may have already been introduced to in school. All children respond very well to lessons contained in songs and rhymes.

The video above is a sample lesson on Proper Nouns (English Grammar). As an enhancement from the lessons found in their Grammar books at school, children will understand through this song that Proper Nouns start with capital letters, and are special names for people, places and things.

Every BrightKidzSongs™ lesson comes in a pack of MP3 files, PDF Lyrics Sheets and Digital Flashcards (printable).

This is definitely a great resource for parents and teachers looking for creative and alternative teaching approaches for their children and students. The catchy melodies of our songs make it easier for students to remember the lessons!


BrightKidzSongs Phonics Songs Mega Bundle

Our BrightKidzSongs™ Brilliant Phonics Songs Bundle complete collection contains the following:

  • 26 Original, Catchy & Brilliant Phonics Songs in MP3 Format (Original Bundle Price: $25.00)
  • 26 Original, Catchy & Brilliant Backing Tracks in MP3 Format (Original Bundle Price:$25.00)
  • 26 Music Sheets in 1 Downloadable PDF File (Original Price: $6.99)
  • 26 Lyrics Sheets in 1 Downloadable PDF File (FREE)
  • 121 pages of high-quality images with word spellings (Digital Flashcards) in 1 Downloadable PDF File – great for iPads and tablets! (Original Price: $3.99)

Total cost if bought individually: $60.98
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Phonics Songs Bundle

This Special Edition makes a great gift for young and adult learners. It features all our Brilliant Phonics materials for SUPER FUN learning! Each Phonics Song features one letter of the alphabet. This bundle contains 26 original catchy songs, 26 backing tracks, music sheets, lyric sheets & 100+pages of high-quality digital flashcards!