Lesson Promo! 16th – 31st March, 2019

We are happy to announce that we have moved in to our new location! We are now at:

Unit S3, 2nd Floor, Hua Ho Manggis Mall, Jalan Muara

As part of our new promotion, we are offering 30-minute lessons on the instrument/s of your choice for only $10! Please see terms and conditions below.

Offer can be availed DAILY while the promotion is on-going! Parents can shop while their children learn from our professional music teachers!

Adults may avail of this offer too! It’s never too late to learn a musical instrument! Learn about the benefits of music lessons here.

Musical Palette updated

Terms and conditions:

  1. For beginners only  – adults and children are welcome.
  2. Up to 3 instruments may be chosen and the 30 minutes’ lesson will be divided equally among the instruments (Example: Piano for 10 minutes, Singing 10 minutes and Drums 10 minutes).
  3. Offer can be availed for a maximum of 2 times daily.  
  4. Current students of NeoClassic Music School are exempted from the promo on their current instrument/s. However, they may avail of the promo on a NEW instrument. 
  5. To book the lesson, confirm your choice of time (subject to our Music Teachers’ availability) with our Administrative staff.
  6. The fee must be paid prior to commencing the lesson. 
  7. Fee is non-transferable nor refundable in the event that the lesson is missed. 

Enjoy the courses offered on our Musical Palette!



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