Benefits of Music Theory Classes

Music Theory LessonsMusic Theory offers a wide range of benefits for music students. Today, we shed light on some of the most important reasons why you should study Music Theory.

Studying Music Theory will:

1. Enhance your ability to read music notation

You will learn the letter names of notes, the duration of each note (how long each note is held for on the instrument, or if you are a singer, how long you have to sing the note), the location of the notes on the piano keyboard and the staff, and many more.

2. Help you understand musicians’ lingo

You will no longer wonder what musicians are talking about when you hear them say  words like crescendo, ritardando, accelerando, piano, forte, allegro ma non troppo (unless you’re Italian,  of course) or even English words like  common time, cut time and others. Oh, and there are French, Spanish, German and other languages, too!

3. Help you learn chords and compose your own songs

By learning Music Theory, you will know which chords to use and why. This important knowledge will help you to compose those award-winning songs! Have you ever wondered how composers write their music? That’s right, they studied Music Theory!

4. Enable you to know which notes to improvise and harmonise with

Do you sometimes sound off-key when you improvise or harmonise? That’s because you’re probably playing notes not suited to the key or chord of the musical phrase you’re playing. With good knowledge in Music Theory,  you’ll know exactly which notes to use and which ones to avoid when improvising.

5. Enable you to analyse and memorise your pieces better

You will understand chord progressions, musical phrases and over-all structure of your pieces, and you will find it quicker and easier to memorise.

6. Help you move on to the higher grades

Most examinations at the higher grades require Grade 5 theory at the very least for many of the reasons mentioned above. So, why delay, when you can start now?

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Music Theory in 10 Lessons (2)



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